Proudly the best platform for tokenizing real estate.

Digitizing real estate isn't just fractionalization — it's a meticulous process of combing through asset data, abiding by institutional reporting standards, following jurisdictional regulation, and understanding capital markets.

That's a lot to think about. Luckily for you, we've already handled it.
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Real estate

Highest quality of properties

We have tight criteria for any property that will be tokenized and offered to investors. If a property has potential but needs better underwriting, we will personally work with the issuer to bring the offering up to our standards.

Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate, unlike single-family residential, typically has multiple tenants, mitigating risk. There are a variety of asset types, a great method of protecting returns during changes in the market.


Not only do we inspect the asset, issuer, and market, but data from each category will be attested and fed into our due diligence models. We believe that through full lifecycle data, we can create greater transparency.

Strong narratives

Properties that are unique, positively impactful, and have a strong business plan are more likely to attract investor attention. This also helps the issuer build a brand, potentially forming a community around their portfolio.

Meeting institutional standards

Designed for institutions, usable by anyone. Have greater confidence in the markets when you use Building.


Building works with broker-dealers, placement agents, transfer agents, regulated exchanges, and local regulators to ensure that our tokenization is done within securities laws, even across borders.


Issuances and investments are expected to routinely report data regarding the underlying asset. We meet these expectations and have standardized it within our software, saving you time and ensuring transparency.

Security tokens

Our platform and the tokens that are purchased follow KYC & AML laws, as well as obeying lockup periods or other transactional restrictions. We mint using the ERC-3643 standard, a leading standard in RWA tokenization.
Data analytics

Leading in price discovery

Building structures data and creates data symmetry to offer better underwriting, higher quality offerings, and transparency in markets.

Preferential accounting treatment

Attested and structured data is attractive to lenders, insurance companies, and investors, creating better terms and potentially adding premiums to a property — something that no other platform can do.

Secondary markets

In order to execute trades with confidence, investors need insights into the underlying asset. With price discovery, derivatives / secondary markets can truly flourish and add liquidity.

Smart portfolios

With proprietary technology, Building can pull real-time data from properties and analyze it using AI. These smart buildings create smart portfolios, which are more efficient and successful.

We do things differently

The Building team continues to lead in the tokenization industry, partnering with top players, demonstrating leadership, and thinking long-term.

User experience

Many technology platforms struggle with usability. Our priority is always creating a product that is intuitive, enjoyable, and valuable to your needs.


Our participation in the Inveniam ecosystem and agnosticism to service providers make us a welcoming partner and well-connected in the industry.


We have cutting-edge technology, a commitment to data, and an impressive vision. This puts us miles ahead of RWA tokenization platforms.