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Improve the value of your property from pre-construction to handoff.

Whether you're raising capital, refinancing, or selling your property, Building helps you unlock value through digitization of ownership and data.

Digitize property details

Use our federated data room to create a single source of truth for your property's visual, design, construction, and operational paperwork.

Stronger asset valuations

Validate critical property information, access new comps with national AI models, and reinforce financial projections. Data provenance is a premium.

Automate back-office

Finding and verifying investors, waterfall distributions, and investor updates can be streamlined with our software tools. Save yourself hours every month.

Collateralize your asset

Use your tokenized equity to obtain DeFi loans instead of selling on a secondary market or taking a lien against the asset itself.
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Preferential accounting

With our process of structuring property data, your asset is more likely to have improved financial performance and more attractive financial reporting.
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Trustless data room

Integrate your existing software to Building and allow our blockchain infrastructure to validate the state of the information and increase stakeholder trust.
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Practical offering pages

Use our streamlined due diligent process and automatically generated offering pages to attract investors and give them confidence in your asset.

Join the next generation of real estate

Start tokenizing your assets for trustless, streamlined portfolios