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Portfolio management for scale

Streamlined management of assets with AI-supported tools

Greater efficiency

Automate dividend distribution and compliance monitoring, reducing the need for intermediaries and lowering costs.

Global accessibility

Make your investment products available to investors across jurisdictions, increasing capital flow into different markets.

Portfolio transparency

Oversee real-time data across your portfolio and use AI-supported tools to inform allocation and management decisions.

Alternative financing

Use collateralized assets or new investor pools to access an alternative source of capital, allowing you to scale your portfolio.
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Smart portfolios

Smart buildings, a mandate of tokenizing with Building, create smart portfolios, mitigating risk and offering real-time data for decision making.
Sketch of commercial real estate

Interactions with institutions

Create favorable and creative financial structures across your assets with tokenization.

New product offerings

Add new tokenized products to your portfolio without implementing new infrastructure or compliance protocols.

Join the next generation of real estate

Start investing in data-driven assets and grow your portfolio