Real estate tokenization for intelligent portfolios

Upgrade your investment portfolio with the excellence of data-driven, tokenized real estate.
Building upgrades your investment portfolio with tokenized real estate

Building is the leading platform for digitizing property data and ownership

Data Room

All property information is stored in a data room that tracks the origin, handoff, and recency of documents.


Documents are given a digital fingerprint to ensure authenticity and prevent manipulation.

Project Management

The data room supports all BIM file types and COBie, and abides by ISO-19650 standards.

Automated Appraisal

Building comes with institutional valuation models that calculate real-time based on uploaded data.

Streamlined Due Diligence

Audits and due diligence can be completed rapidly without sacrificing integrity, expediting underwriting.


Receive better terms and market premiums with validated data, BIM-integration, and liquidity.


Equity or other financial instruments can be tokenized and purchased, or transferred, to investors.


Equity or other financial instruments can be tokenized and purchased, or transferred, to investors.


Use tokenized equity as tax-exempt, non-intrusive collateral for private loans.

Secondary Markets

Building's data and accounting processes enable trading and derivatives to create liquidity.














Building for capital markets

Next generation portfolios with transparency and liquidity

Continuous, real-time data provides price discovery

Automated appraisals for efficient accounting and lending


Building is the gold standard of real estate tokenization


Building collects full asset lifecycle data, verifies it for stakeholders, and prepares it for AI/ML analysis

Institutional reporting

Building meets institutional due diligence and reporting standards, welcoming larger investors and lenders

Thorough compliance

Building helps issuers abide by all state and federal compliance requirements


Building can help facilitate tokenization in any permitting country and connect investors around the world


Building can integrate with a minimum of 12 blockchains, private or public, allowing true decentralization

Data management that adds value to real estate

Building's efficient system for managing project information saves money upfront and adds value over the asset's lifespan.


Reduce the need for frequent or lengthy audits by using Building to prepare and validate asset data


Streamline the preparation of project and performance reports using our institutional-grade models


Provide a uniform calendar and deliver real-time updates to stakeholders as changes or progress occurs


Increase confidence and transparency with Building's organized dashboards for project data and analysis


A shared record for project details removes miscommunication and helps maintain a tight budge and schedule


Avoid disputes over contracts, compliance, and payments with our immutable ledger and automation


Avoid duplicate data entries and repetitive verification steps by working under one software and record


Prevent data asymmetry, confusion, and incomplete information with our models for documentation


Unlocking the potential within every property

With blockchain and artificial intelligence supporting a real estate asset, stakeholders unlock new premiums and capabilities within capital markets.
Lower share sizes for properties, broadening the pool of investors for fundraising
Secondary markets and reduced holding periods, increasing liquidity and adding price premiums
Perpetual insights to provide current and future stakeholders real, actionable insights

The digital era of real estate

Select a perspective from the list below to learn how to get started

1. Determine your goals

You can accomplish a lot by tokenizing your property. Receive better accounting and underwriting treatment by showing validated, recent asset data. Streamline due diligence by consolidating your data streams to a federated data room. Increase asset value with BIM integration and better information management systems. Raise capital from current or new investors while offering liquidity.

2. Upload data to the "FDR"

A Federated Data Room ("FDR") is a single source of truth for your asset. From here forward, all information needs to be regularly uploaded. Any modifications will be immediately recorded for all stakeholders to see. Building will have you upload full lifecycle data, reducing the time it takes to perform due diligence or refinancing, and allowing you to utilize our AI-supported tools for valuations and projections.

3. Tokenization

Tokenization occurs after your asset data is uploaded. We will select the best blockchain and broker for you. What you do with the digitized ownership is up to you: distribute it to your existing investors, or use it to raise capital from new investors on our proposed marketplace.

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1. Understand the benefits

Tokenizing your financial assets and instruments is a great way to streamline portfolio management, increase liquidity, and provide greater transparency for yourself and your stakeholders. Building's collection and attestation of full lifecycle data, plus AI-supported tools, helps you make informed decisions. If you raise capital from LP's, this increases trust, manages risk, and broadens your pool of eligible investors.

2. Begin onboarding assets

Thorough asset data and a wide range of financial instruments can be digitized. Data will be stored in a federated data room, your single source of truth when overseeing asset health and performance. Our intuitive dashboard lets you balance your portfolio. Once your assets are on Building, scaling your portfolio becomes easier through operational efficiency, liquidity, and real-time insights.

3. Smart portfolio management

With Building's implementation of edge hardware and smart technology in assets we work with, as well as validated asset data and real-time analytics, your portfolio becomes more predictable, valuable, and adaptable than ever before.

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1. Verify your account

Before you begin adding tokenized real estate and other financial assets to you portfolio, state and federal regulations require that you verify your identity. This includes Know Your Customer protocols, which will have you submit a picture of your Driver's License to a secure verification service. Depending on your country of residency, you may also need to provide your SSN/ITIN so that a registered broker can record your tax accrual. Additionally, depending on the type of investment, there may be limitations on how much you're allowed to invest at once.

2. Browse investment opportunities

If you were invited directly by a real estate developer, they can share a specific deal with you and you can begin your due diligence process using our comprehensive and transparent display of full lifecycle data. If you are new to real estate and want to find new investment opportunities, our upcoming marketplace will sort the different types of properties and help you understand the projected returns, past performance, and any important asset details. Then, you may begin investing for as little as $500 in trophy real estate.

3. Sit back and relax

As an investor into trophy real estate, you have no responsibilities and can watch your portfolio grow through our intuitive dashboard. Our team and AI-supported tools will help you monitor your portfolio. With tokenized real estate, you have greater opportunities for diversification and liquidity, and with Building, you can see real-time data coming in from the property itself. We're proud to offer you the most simple yet professional investment platform in the world.

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1. Streamline your underwriting

The Building platform provides real-time data analytics, attested and computed asset performance, and market comparables to expedite your underwriting process. Work directly with a property owner or fund manager from our platform or browse projects that are seeking a form of debt financing.

2. Participate in debt placements

Work alongside other institutions while engineering your portfolio. Other lenders can reach out to you, or vice versa, to organize debt placements and decentralize the loan origination process. Additionally, our tokenization services extend to all forms of financial instruments, allowing you to trade the now-securitized debt.

3. Manage your portfolio

Our real-time and automatically-attested data, plus the ability to rebalance one or multiple portfolios with newfound liquidity, allows you to operate at scale and save via operational efficiencies. Settlements and swaps can occur instantly because all deal stakeholders are operating on a unified ledger, preventing transaction error or miscommunication.

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1. Contribute and receive attested data

As a stakeholder in a tokenized property, you have a unique opportunity to contribute data that is attested, as well as see real-time information being sent in by other stakeholders or being recorded by hardware integrated into the property. Building will create unique portals for service providers along the different stages of the property's lifecycle, ensuring a clean handoff of information, unification of information, and streamlining project management.

2. Remove miscommunication

With a "golden copy" of property information, all stakeholders are contributing and receiving verified data in a singular data room. The origin, changes, and recency are visible to all authorized users. This counters miscommunication, can shorten project timelines, and saves money by eradicating errors.

Build a portfolio of data-driven real estate assets
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