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About Building

Building combines full service tokenization with full lifecycle real estate analytics. This creates an investment experience that's unrivaled in the industry, providing better transparency and enhanced return profiles, plus new possibilities like fractional ownership, liquidity opportunities, and international fundraising.

In other words, we've created a trustworthy and welcoming way to invest in commercial real estate and other similar financial instruments.

Our platform has a variety of use cases, like providing funding to promising real estate projects, or helping institutions track their carbon credits. We're proud to offer the most sophisticated platform of its kind to the masses, democratizing not only real estate investment but other roles in the industry, like development.

Our executive team

Our mission is to design and create enterprise-grade products that fix inefficiencies and add trust within the real estate industry.
Matthew Schneider, Founder and CEO of Building
Matthew Schneider
Founder, CEO
Benas Lukas, Investor Relations at Building
Benas Lukas
Investor Relations
Patrick Parrillo, CRO of Building
Patrick Parrillo
Bryan Lord, CSO of Building
Bryan Lord
Jonathon Chambless, Product Advisor at Building
Jonathon Chambless
Product Advisor
Dante Cervantes, Compliance Advisor at Building
Dante Cervantes
Compliance Advisor
John Benemerito, General Counsel at Building
John Benemerito
General Counsel
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Join our team

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Leading the tokenization transformation

Combining decades of experience across the full lifecycle of commercial real estate with diligent research of tokenization, computation, and compliance.

65+ years

combined in capital markets

$60b handled

through the federated data room

Experience from
Experience from Deloitte
Experience from Gartner
Experience from PWC
Experience from The Management Trust
Experience from Aflac
Experience from Isola
Experience from Direct Supply
Experience from Citco
Experience from Teesnap
Experience from e-States

Our commitment to improving humanity

Building isn't just a platform for industry change, we're a movement to democratize commercial real estate and promote projects that support communities around the world.


Our platform provides an institutional experience to smaller investors and emerging real estate developers, promoting wealth generation and community development.


Many of the projects we select have an element of sustainability, whether it's the construction materials, environmental impact, or higher standard of living for humans.


Our platform promotes transparency and our leadership expects integrity. Our motives stay straightforward so our customers and partners can understand us.

Customer first

We're here to solve problems and add value. If a product or service does not do this, we cannot stand behind it. Everything is designed with the customer in mind.