Low entry barriers, high expectations.

Building is the next generation of commercial real estate, democratizing ownership and optimizing operations for a more equitable and efficient society.
Building mobile mockup for investment
Building real estate notificationBuilding real estate notificationBuilding real estate notificationBuilding real estate notification

Invest in data-driven assets

Trust doesn't have to be sacrificed for accessibility. Building's investment offerings are transparent and easy to enter.

Fractional ownership

Browse our marketplace and buy shares of trophy real estate. Each property is vetted with institutional due diligence.


Gone are the days that an investment must be held for 10 years. After the lockup period, you can sell your shares to the market.
Building desktop mockup for investorsBuilding mobile mockup for investors
Building desktop mockup for issuersBuilding mobile mockup for issuers

Digitize your portfolio for scale

Building's enterprise tokenization service helps you provide greater transparency to stakeholders, adds premiums to asset valuations, and automates tasks.

Digital twins

We'll help you onboard critical asset information from inception to handoff, creating a compliant digital twin of your property.


Our digitization process adds trustworthiness to your investment offering. Raise capital from your investors or investors around the world.